Welcome to Tiny Green Homes!

This is my new blog for discussing tiny green homes. No this does not mean homes painted green!

Tiny Green Homes are small under 1000 sqft homes that utilize alternative energy and unique building styles and materials.

I live in a tiny green home and I am an off-grid house designer and this is where I will post my designs and designs I find in my travels.

Here is my 14×14 solar cabin

This is my 14×14 solar cabin built for under $2000. The cabin has a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and living area down stairs and a large bedroom and office in the loft.

I use a 470 watt solar and 125 watt wind power system for water pump, lights, tvs, laptop and gadgets.

I use propane for fridge, stove, furnace, and OD water heater.

To see more pics, video and order my 196 page full color ebook for $5 please visit: http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com